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Discover how Monica transforms personalized care at home.

MiiCare created Monica, a voice-based conversational AI companion, to support healthcare delivery and outcomes from home.

Supporting Doctors, Caregivers,

and Communities

MiiCare has powered over 9.4m hours of care to date



40+ chronic care providers supported by the MiiCare platform and Monica in clients’ homes


fewer client days spent in the emergency room for Sodexo as a result of our preventative capabilities


Our platform doubles staff capacity and has reduced the cost of care by over 53% in customer studies

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AI-powered care at home

3 in five adults in the US have a chronic disease and 2 in 5 adults have two or more. Chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States, yet the CDC states almost 80% of these conditions can be prevented with lifestyle changes. Key risk factors for chronic disease include poor nutrition, inactivity, and alcohol.

MiiCare built a chronic conditions management platform that empowers both younger or older adults to actively improve their lifestyle and extend their health span. MiiCube collects and converts 70+ datatypes from the home into actionable wisdom for providers to personalize effective care plans, at scale. Monica, our conversational AI care companion, then nudges self-care.

Say hello to Monica

MiiCare created Monica, a caregiver co-pilot, to support personalized care delivery at home. Through motivation and timely digital therapeutic content, Monica ensures adherence to care plans and provides caregivers with valuable insights for early intervention.

Wellbeing management

Monica takes a proactive approach to support medication schedules, hydration,and other essential aspects of their daily routines.

Understanding behavior

Monica passively analyzes daily movements within the house to learn behavioral patterns and effortlessly identify any abnormal activity.

Measuring vitals

Monica aids in measuring vitals, such as oxygen saturation and temperature, using integrated health devices and wearables without pairing.

“Hi there! I’m feeling a bit thirsty, how about you?”

MiiCube home hub

In their own homes, users are equipped with MiiCube, our home hub that houses Monica, and connects to home and health devices.

Incident response

Users can trigger an SOS call in times of emergency, ensuring a swift response to urgent situations and peace of mind.

Digital therapeutics

Calming meditations, nutritional support, guided exercises, or simply a favorite music station are offered at the time of need

Our dashboard for care managers

Our dashboard tracks and monitors the health and well-being of users, providing accessible data to those involved in their care. Additionally, the dashboard offers population views, allowing care providers to prioritise and monitor care efficiently on a single platform, at a glance.

Smart Insights

Notable changes in behavior and routine, such as sleep, cooking, or bathroom habits, are recognized with need-to-know smart insights.

Wellness scores

Reduce welfare checks with one wellness score that breaks down current status across pillars of health like Sleep, Activity, Routine, and Vitals.

Population view

View populations on a grid, with the latest alerts, status, and system health to prioritize care and address the highest needs.

Mobile app

All the insights and information on the web are available at a glance on iOS and Android, for efficient care delivery on the go.

MiiCare covers several pathways

Hospital at home

Home care

Senior living

Post-acute care

Powering post-discharge support for Sodexo

MiiCare is working alongside Sodexo in the UK to provide post-discharge support to patients. MiiCare’s solution is deployed in the homes of patients recently discharged from hospital, and Monica supports these patients at home with their general health and wellbeing to prevent decompensation and readmission.


Fewer client days

in the ER


Hospital days saved in 5 months


Reduction in home visits needed

In collaboration with

AgeTech Collaborative by AARP

Portfolio company and active collaborative member

Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Alliance for Healthcare

Member of cohort 5 of the Mayo Clinic and ASU Medtech Accelerator

Samsung Health Partner Service

MiiCare integrates with Samsung devices

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Extending health span at home via Monica the Gen-AI care companion

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